Saturday, March 8, 2008

Feedback Cushion XBOX 360 controller mod

Intelligent Rumble Feedback Cushion

XBOX 360 Controller Mod :

Now, not only will your controller rumble but
your back, shoulders and thighs will rumble too!

It’s an intelligent vibration system, from your game and the controller. The seat and the back are independent and can rumble one at a time or both, depending on the game.

It's AWESOME!!! More than all your other things combined! Forget about all those seats with an audio input plug, that’s nothing compared to this!

Ex. #1: With Halo 3, you feel the gun on your back and the grenades on the floor from the bottom.

It works on any game; it's crazy!!! It’s amazing in a racing game, flying game or any game!!

Ex. #2: On Colin McRae: DIRT, the gravel rumbles the seat and a hurt rumbles the back.

It’s the same Intelligent Feedback you have in your controller.

You will win all the things in the picture. It's made with all NEW (never used) items.

Included: One 5-motor cushion with a 1-amp. Adaptor and one Microsoft XBOX 360 Wired Controller.

You can plug or unplug the cushion in controller as you wish.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008